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The Barbados Institute of Architects is the local body for architecture and the architectural profession.

The institute was originally established on the 10th April 1968 as the “Barbados Society of Architects” and later altered to the current title on the 30th May 1979.

Our objectives are:

  • To advance and encourage the profession of Architecture
  • To promote and encourage the study of Architecture
  • To promote public interest in the art and profession of architecture
  • To safeguard matters of professional practice in the interest of the public and members of the institute
  • To promote the association of architectural societies and institutes in the West Indies

We can currently boast of a membership consisting of 79 full members, 18 Associate members, 7 Student members and 25 Affiliate members.
We provide support for our members in the form of training, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars, technical services, Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) packages, publications, hosting events and contributing to the standards for the education & registration of architects.
We work with government and regulatory agencies such as the Architects Registration Board, Building Authority, Division of Energy, Environmental Protection Department, Town & Country Development Planning Office and the National Heritage Department to improve the design quality of the built environment.
We provide guidance to local students, schools and colleges on the requirements for the education of architects and offer annual Book scholarships to students of Architecture.
We help the public to learn more about the built environment and the profession of Architecture through information and advice services, facilitating & hosting exhibitions, our website and the through the presentation of awards.



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